From Lin-Manuel to Pollan to St. Aubyn: Audiobooks for Every Attention Span

By Sebastian Modak

One of the best things about audiobooks is how conducive they are to multitasking. You can learn something new or be entertained while sorting the laundry, walking the dog, waiting for a flight. But that same versatility — audiobooks’ ability to retreat into the background of everyday life — can also be their downfall. Focus too much on what you are doing at the same time as listening and you can miss key plot twists, or a particularly funny turn of phrase. Before you know it, you are adrift, unable to process what you’re hearing, unsure of when exactly you started spacing out. All that is to say: Audiobook multitasking takes practice. Here are three new audiobooks that respectively hit the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of semi-distracted listening.

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