Game of Thrones Emmys: George RR Martin shock ‘I NEVER thought show could work’

Never has a show divided so many people. After seven extraordinary seasons (although there were some concerns starting to build during six and seven) the final eighth season met with an unprecedented and totally unexpected fan backlash. Yet even the creator of Westeros and beyond actually admitted he never thought it was possible to make a satisfying on-screen adaptation of his huge, sprawling saga. What did George RR Martin really mean when he said “it is absolutely unproducible”?

Martin bluntly told the podcast Maltin on Movies: “I didn’t think it could be done.

“I worked in Hollywood as a writer for ten years… Although I did pretty well there was a theme I always got when I turned in a script, which was ‘We love this but it’s way too expensive. You have to scale it down…'”

“I would do it but I always liked my first drafts better.”

So when the time came to leave Hollywood and write Game of Thrones, Martin did the exact opposite of creating something that would work for television or film. 

He added: “I thought, ‘I’m writing a series of novels here. I don’t have to worry about budgets, what’s producible.

“I’m gonna write something as big as my imagination with as many settings and character as I want with castles like no castle ever built on Earth. I can have dragons, dire wolves, battles with thousands of people on either side.

“And no, it will never be made into television, it is absolutely unproducible.

“As irony would have it that is what became the biggest hit in television and the thing my name will always be associated with, as opposed all the shows and movies I wrote deliberately designed to be producible.”

Whatever fans feel on either side of the debate over how HBO plotted out the end of the series, nobody can deny how incredible it looked on screen.

Dragons soared across the screen and plummetted to their (at least one very illogical) deaths. The dead walked and heroes became villains across two huge and spectacularly imagined continents. 

HBO took the creation of a fantasy world to a new level and smashed the very barriers Martin himself had once believed in.

If nothing else, Game of Thrones deserves Emmys for production design.


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