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A very sordid sex scandal: Lord Boothby

A very sordid sex scandal: Lord Boothby slept with young men, consorted with the Krays, and had an affair with Macmillan’s wife — all the while protected by an Establishment Daniel Smith explores the conspiracy of silence surrounding Sir Robert Boothby The British politician and Ronnie Kray shared a love of sex with young men  He also seduced his contemporary Harold Macmillan’s wife, […]

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A history of coffee: The bean that took over the world

A dark, rich history of coffee (with a bitter after-taste): War, hunger, exploitation…a provocative book lays bare the lucrative but violent story of the bean that took over the world Book focuses on a plantation owner in El Salvador and his family since 1889  Sedgewick wants to portray coffee industry as a metaphor for world exploitation Billions of cups of are […]

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What a 1,791-mile swim around Britain teaches you

Come on in, the water’s lovely… British athlete ROSS EDGLEY reveals what a 1,791-mile swim around Britain teaches you about resilience — and giant jellyfish Athlete Ross Edgley, adventurer and explorer, swam 1,791 miles around Britain  His new book reveals how he started his mighty swim in Margate in June 2018 Edgley tries to explain how the body can do […]

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