Scarlett Curtis has landed every bookworm’s dream job

Both The Women’sPrize for Fiction and its youngest judge, writer Scarlett Curtis, turn 25 this year. As the longlist is announced, she reveals what books mean to her. WORDS HAVE SHAPED MY LIFE Reading has always been where I go for everything – comfort, fun, a social life. I was sick when I was young and I was out of […]

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The cat who spied for the US – until he got run over

The cat who spied for the US — until he got run over: Author reveals historic schemes that went pear-shaped in gripping new book Vince Houghton explores historic schemes in a fascinating new book  ­Operation Acoustic ­Kitty­ was dreamt ­up in the ­Sixties ­by ­American ­intelligence Mission involved installing listening equipment under cats fur to­ eavesdrop­ HISTORY  NUKING THE MOON   by […]

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What makes China tick?

What makes China tick? Fascinating memoir examines the astounding changes taking place in the world’s second largest economy – from superhighways to vast airports Tessa Keswick reflects on her experiences in China in a fascinating memoir She recalls visiting towns that were pitifully dilapidated throughout the 1980s One of her travelling companion had the contents of his suitcase eaten by rats […]

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