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‘The Last Mercenary’ Review: Still Kicking

At 60, Jean-Claude Van Damme has racked up roughly as many features as birthdays. Noting this prolificness, the strangely compelling “JCVD” (2008) showed the Belgian bruiser ruminating on the options available to an aging action star. “The Last Mercenary (Le Dernier Mercenaire)” arrives on Netflix as one of those options, with Van Damme evincing an impish self-awareness about himself and […]

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‘Sabaya’ Review: Light Breaking Through Darkness

In the black of night in northeastern Syria, two men drive their rickety jeep deep into Al Hol, a refugee camp for families of fighters for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. The men rifle through tents and argue with hostile residents before finding their target: a Yazidi teenage girl kidnapped years ago and held as a “sabaya” or […]

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'American Rust' Trailer: Jeff Daniels Investigates a Shocking Murder

Nothing shakes a small town quite like a murder. It doesn’t take much more for angry, grief-stricken residents to begin pointing fingers and turning against their neighbors. TV shows have been running with this premise for years and it returns once again in the form of American Rust, an upcoming Showtime drama series. The new trailer reveals the show’s dark, […]

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