50 Cent Is Surprisingly Sorry for Calling Megan Thee Stallion a ‘H*e’: It’s a Misunderstanding

His public apology has a lot of his fans surprised, considering that the ‘Power’ star and creator has never ever apologized for all the things he has done on social media.

AceShowbiz -For those who keep up with 50 Cent, you probably realize that the rapper has never apologized for all the things that he has done on social media. However, in a surprising turn of event, Fofty offered an apology to MoneyBagg Yo after he called Megan Thee Stallion a “h*e” on Instagram.

Fofty re-posted on his account a sexy picture of MoneyBagg and Megan and tagged the 28-year-old rapper in the caption, “I looked at this picture saw your comment, and wrote that I didn’t realize that was Megan.” He added, “Misunderstanding no disrespect I’ll hit ya phone later.”

MoneyBagg has responded to the apology with three hundred points emojis. Meanwhile, a lot of his followers were surprised to see the “Power” star/creator offering a public apology considering that he had never done that before. “50 never apologizes so y’all better just take the damn apology before he never apologizes again lmao,” one said. Someone seemed to be in disbelief and suspected Fofty wasn’t the one who wrote the apology himself, writing, “An apology?! Who got 50 phone?”

“See 50 admits when he is wrong. Which is rare,” another comment read. On the other hand, an individual decided to poke fun at Fofty’s longtime enemy Ja Rule over this as writing, “50 apologized so you know he mean it… Ja Rule was hoping for a day like this to come…”

Fofty previously received backlash after he called Megan a “h*e” underneath a post of the Hot Girl Summer posing seductively with MoneyBagg in what appeared to be a luxurious hotel room. The “Dior” rapper quickly defended his rapper girlfriend and hit back,”Yeah h**s but she don’t fall in dat category.”

He then deleted his comment shortly afterward, while Fofty still has yet to do the same despite his apology.

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