Alex Beresford jibes Boris Johnson and Priti Patel after crime crackdown plan announced

GMB: Alex Beresford asks for 'support' following show blunder

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Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford, 40, has taken to Twitter to mock Boris Johnson and Priti Patel over the latest stop and search laws, suggesting that he’d like to see the prime minister and home secretary enact them for “a laugh”. The government announced their Beating Crime Plan which pledged to ensure a “safer society” through new measures, one of which includes increased stop and search powers by police.

I’d watch it for a laugh…

Alex Beresford

In view of his 250,200 followers, the presenter blasted the Conservative leader’s suggestion that the latest laws were implemented out of “kindness and love”.

The ITV host wrote: “‘A kind and loving thing to do’ would suggest Police will now approach with tender loving care?

“Perhaps Boris and Priti could do us a video demonstration for the law to follow when conducting stop and search.

He ended his tweet: “I’d watch it for a laugh…”

Alex was responding to the news that the prime minister was bringing back wider use of stop and search powers in police forces, as part of a plan to cut crime.

However, campaigners have expressed concern over the move, claiming that it will disproportionately impact black and ethnic minority communities.

In a clip, Boris addressed the situation claiming that increased stop and search was being implemented out of “kindness.”

He said: “[We need to give] the police the backing that they need in law to stop someone, to search them and to relieve them of a dangerous weapon.

“I don’t think that’s a strong-armed tactic, I think that’s a kind and loving thing to do.”

In 2018 the Bristol born star opened up about his own experience of being stopped and searched by police while discussing the knife crime epidemic in London.

Alex said: “The annoyance comes when you get stopped several times.

“Getting stopped once by the police, you can kind of get over it. But getting stopped several times you start to get annoyed.”

The TV star went on to reveal that as a young man he was searched numerous times by police, despite having nothing to hide.

“I’ve been pulled over loads of times when I was younger. It used to get my back up.

“But now I think, ‘Check me, I’ve got nothing to hide,'” he added.

Alex acknowledged that being stopped was “annoying”, empathising with the young men who had experienced the same.

He went on to add that tackling the “family” was the first place to start in reducing knife crime, which would help to shift the “mindset” and bring the community “back together.”

Announcing the new plans, the Prime Minister said: “When I first stood on the steps of Downing Street, I promised to back the police and make people safer, because we cannot level up the country when crime hits the poorest hardest and draws the most vulnerable into violence.

“That is why my government has remained unstinting in its efforts to protect the British public and this plan delivers a fresh commitment, as we emerge from the impacts of the pandemic, to have less crime, fewer victims and a safer society.”

Home secretary Priti Patel also applauded the Beating Crime Plan and the “new powers” it equips officers with.

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