Alice Evans Had A SAVAGE New Year's Message For Her Ex & His Girlfriend!

Damn, Alice Evans!

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the Vampire Diaries alum revealing her hubby, Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd, leaving her and their two daughters behind, apparently out of nowhere.

We’ve learned more recently it wasn’t quite so sudden, as he had begun a relationship with a woman named Bianca Wallace, a recurring extra on his TV show Harrow. He had been filming the show in Australia, on the other side of the world, away from his family, for a couple years. It’s unclear exactly when the affair began though it seems pretty obvious it predated (and precipitated) “Mr. Fantastic” abandoning his family.

Alice has been very vocal and public with her frustration, depression, and anger over te situation. But as the new year began, it seemed she was in a place where she could just spit venom on Twitter — and tell everyone to kiss her ass!

Unabashedly retweeting a fan praising her looks over Bianca’s, the spurned momma wrote:

“To all my haters.
To Bianca Wallace
To my ex-husband
I’m good. I’m really really good!”


She’ll be even better when she no longer feels the need to speak out about her ex and his GF. But as long as she does, we’re here for it. Why shouldn’t she? She isn’t the one who did something wrong, right?

Speaking of which, Bianca shared a rare near image with Ioan in her own New Year’s post. Scroll through to see their shadowy hand-holding shot:

A post shared by Bianca Wallace (@iambiancawallace)

What do YOU think about Alice’s savage New Year’s message??

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