Axed Love Island star Sherif Lanre sparks confusion with "reunion" snap

Sherif Lanre was booted out of the Love Island villa within the first couple of weeks of this series and was pleased to reunite with his pal Danny Williams.

The axed islander did cause some confusion with a snap of himself with Danny captioned "reunited with the bro!" as fans couldn't remember the pair crossing paths in the villa.

Sherif was removed from the show on day nine just three days after Danny entered.

Danny was just booted out of the villa alongside Jourdan Riane and caught up with other ex-Islanders including Sherif.

The model was buzzed to see his friend again – despite a brief few days together – replying: "Soooo good to see you again brother."

Jourdan also chimed in the comments: "This picture is everything! Literally had the best lunch today."

Confused commenters questioned their friendship: "But you guys didn't now each other in the villa?"

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"Bruv you were out of the villa when he came," added another.

"How's that when u left before he came in?" asked one.

"Were they even in the villa together," wondered a fourth.

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