Barbara Windsor dances and sings for funeral guests amid dementia battle

Dame Barbara Windsor was seen “tap dancing, singing and entertaining” mourners at the wake of her husband Scott Mitchell's dad, it has been revealed.

Old friend Christopher Biggins described the 81-year-old Carry On star as being in “high spirits” despite her ongoing struggle with dementia.

Speaking to the Sun , he described how the actress’ husband Scott had been touched by her upbeat nature during his dad's funeral.

Christopher said: “When his father died she went down there to support Scott and at the Shiva, which they have at the Jewish faith, she was tap dancing and singing and entertaining the women.

“It was just like she came to, for a couple of hours, to give her bit to her husband’s father.

“It was just wonderful. She got wonderful applause.”

Scott and Barbara have been married for the last 19 years, and until recently he had been her sole carer.

However, he has been forced to hire help as the Eastenders star’s failing memory worsens.

Last year, the actress revealed she had been secretly fighting dementia for the past four years.

Barbara has since admitted getting “scared” over her memory loss, and despite taking medication to control the symptoms, her condition has deteriorated rapidly.

In March 2019, it was revealed that Barbara struggles to recognise her own home.

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