Bella Thorne Wrote Her Book Twice Before, But Lost The First Two Copies

Bella Thorne models an all white look with a pop of blue while heading to do some press on Friday (June 14) in New York City.

The 21-year-old actress and singer switched up her look for a third time that day, wearing a light blue outfit for Good Morning America.

That day, she made an appearance on Build Series to talk about her new autobiography, “The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: A Mental Disarray”, and the struggles of getting the book completed.

“Well, I really needed some money,” Bella joked. “Then I wrote two books, handwritten, and I lost them on a Delta flight. Gone, gone. And I never photo copied them, and I wrote them over two to three tours. Yeah, it sucks.”

“This one, it took me a minute to come to terms with the fact that those two books were going to be lost in the abyss never to be appreciated,” she added. “Then I had to get over that, and I had to write another one, because I was still trying to write a book. I wrote this one in two weeks on set while I was filming a show, and I wrote it all on a typewriter, which was very interesting, very difficult. It’s a little piece of art and process.”

FYI: Bella‘s blue look is Zimmerman. Her white look is Jacquemus.

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