Beyoncé’s Voice As Nala Finally Revealed In New ‘Lion King’ Teaser & Twitter Is Not Worthy!

When Beyoncé speaks, the world stops to listen.

But when Beyoncé finally speaks as Nala in Disney’s upcoming Lion King remake, the world just stops. It doesn’t go on. We no longer need to exist, for we have heard the icon say, in her smooth, brassy voice:


That’s all it took for the Beyhive to unleash a stampede of worship on Monday after the superstar dropped a new Lion King teaser that finally revealed her voice as the film’s fierce lioness.

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We should note that the freshly-released clip (above) was uploaded on the Formation singer’s OWN YouTube channel; a subtle reminder that even Walt Disney Studios is happy to bow down to the glory and power that is Queen Bey.

Watch Beyoncé Presents: The Lion King teaser (above) to hear her say things like “Simba,” “King,” and “Come Home” — then ch-ch-check out some reactions from shattered fans (below)!


See Bey say more things as Nala when The Lion King hits theaters on July 19!

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