Billie Eilish Loses 100,000 Instagram Followers After Posting This Photo – See Her Reaction!

Billie Eilish was the latest celeb to participate in the new Instagram trend in which fans ask celebs to “post a photo of” specific moments.

Well, apparently, because of a few of the photos Billie actually shared, she lost 100,000 followers on her account!

One sleuth fan seemed to uncover why, and Billie actually reposted the fan’s findings and reacted.

It started when one fan asked Billie to share her lock screen and the photo featured a woman showing her body. Another photo a fan requested was a drawing that Billie is proud of. Billie posted a personal drawing she created which featured women’s breasts. She captioned the pic, “lol I love boobs.”

Then, a fan on Twitter discovered that Billie went from 73 million followers to 72.9 million followers on her Instagram after posting the drawing photo. At the time of this posting, Billie is still at 72.9 million Instagram followers.

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