Brad Pitt wants the court to fine Angelina if she doesn’t sign the divorce papers?

This exclusive story in The Sun is from Simon Boyle’s Bizarre Column. The Sun has been one of those outlets with very iffy and shady exclusives, all of them pro-Brad Pitt. The thing is, The Sun does that thing of gilding the lily – they take a somewhat believable gossip story and twist it until it becomes utterly useless. The nugget of gossip that I’ll believe is that Brad Pitt is mad that his divorce from Angelina Jolie hasn’t been finalized yet, especially as we’re nearing the three-year anniversary of Angelina ghosting him and dropping divorce papers on him. If that was the story – Brad’s mad, he wants this to be over – I would shrug and say that it sounds about right. What I don’t believe is that Brad’s mad and that Angelina is purposefully slow-walking the divorce because she wants to reunite with him. That’s some fantasy bullsh-t.

It has been almost three years since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt – and it could be another three till it finally goes through. I can exclusively reveal Brad and his legal team have gone to new lengths to get Angelina to sign the papers after stalling the process. The A-list Hollywood actor has asked his lawyers to get a judge to impose a final date or face being fined.

A source close to Brad said: “He has been incredibly patient throughout the divorce process despite being pushed to his limits on many occasions. But he’s finally had enough, and while he is a relatively calm person, he can only be pushed so far. He’s sick and tired of Ange constantly moving the goal posts and stalling their divorce month after month — painfully dragging out the process which he now feels has become almost a game for Angelina. Brad has instructed his legal team to seek help from the judge to impose a deadline for Ange to finalise the divorce — imposing a financial sanction if she fails to adhere to the date given by the judge.”

The Sun revealed in April that Angelina was trying to delay the process in a bid to win Brad back. But he turned her down in favour of trying to keep things harmonious for the sake of their six children. A court then issued a bifurcated judgement, which means the pair are legally single as they hash out the details of their divorce.

The source added: “Brad’s never been one for ultimatums. But he’s spent the past two-and-a-half years dealing with the ending of his marriage and he just wants to put an end to it all for good. He wants to move on with his life and stop having the divorce hanging over his head.”

[From The Sun]

Brad and Angelina’s divorce status was bifurcated back in March, which means they are somewhat “single,” legally. Back in December of last year, they reached a custodial agreement, which I believe (still) just extends to the four youngest children. What’s left? The money. The financial part of the divorce, which we haven’t heard much about in months. Back in November of last year, Angelina notified the court that she turned over all of her financial information to Brad and his legal team. We have never gotten confirmation that Brad has made similar disclosures to her team. That’s what’s left in their divorce proceedings, figuring out the money, figuring out the child support and spousal support and whether Angelina will get a structured divorce settlement. That’s my take on this suspicious piece from the Sun – I mean, Brad keeps smearing Angelina for no reason, except maybe the reason is that he’s the one holding sh-t up because he hasn’t made a disclosure to her team about his finances, and he’s fighting her on spousal support and that stuff. Just a theory. Because I truly don’t believe Angelina is pining away for him or hoping for a reunion.

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