Brittany Banks Purges Bikini Pics: Is She Back with Yazan?!

When fans last checked, Brittany Banks appeared to have dumped Yazan … without coming right out and saying it.

Except … now she’s purging her bikini pics from Instagram, just like Yazan’s family wanted. Are they back together?

Yazan Abo Horira promised Brittany Banks that, even if she came to marry him, she could continue to live her life as before.

But actually, given his conservative family’s views, that was not the truth.

Yazan’s lies have caught up with him, and we have all seen his life fall apart at the seams for refusing to dump Brittany.

There is absolutely nothing funny about the threats, even if they were not as literal as they seemed, that Yazan has faced.

They are not Brittany’s fault. Nothing excuses the way that Yazan’s father has been reacting.

However … to American audiences, Yazan’s dad’s fixation (in and of itself) on innocuous Instagram photos is kind of hilarious.

He holds out his phone to Yazan’s brother Obaida in one episode, saying “look at this!”

Well “this” is a random bikini photo of Brittany, a sight that wouldn’t make most of us bat an eye.

Instead, Yazan’s father has chosen to allow it to tear his family apart.

This isn’t about Jordan — none of the conflicts that Brittany and Yazan have faced have been because of the country.

The country of Jordan has bars, legal alcohol, and yes, it has bikinis and Instagram influencers.

This has always been about Yazan’s family’s conservative expectations … and Yazan’s lies to both sides to try to keep everyone happy.

On the show, we’ve seen Brittany wear a hijab to meet Yazan’s family and to visit a mosque for educational reasons.

She has repeatedly told him that she is not going to convert — not to Islam or anything else, on the grounds that she does not want any book telling her how to live her life.

But her most recent social media activity has fans wondering if Brittany has dramatically changed her tune.

This week, Brittany’s fans have noticed that almost all of her photos are gone.

Once, there were countless pics of Brittany flashing her booty to the camera, usually wearing bikinis.

Now, not a single bikini can be seen on her Instagram page. Did she get back with Yazan?

Well … probably not.

As you can see above, the five remaining Instagram posts may not feature bikinis, but she’s not exactly covering up, let alone wearing a hijab as Yazan’s family would want.

It seems more likely that Brittany has just decided to reshuffle or rearrange her Instagram posts on a whim, as so many famous beautiful people do.

One aspect of Brittany’s story has gotten praise recently from fans and viewers: her friend Angela.

Angela has a good head on her shoulders. She’s a strikingly beautiful woman but she is alarmed by how toxic Brittany and Yazan’s relationship has begun and feels uncomfortable with it.

Angela represents what many feel is the common sense that both Brittany and Yazan have been lacking since day one.

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