Carol Kirkwood speaks out on backlash she faces from BBC Breakfast viewers: ‘Blaming you’

BBC Breakfast: Naga jokes that Carol Kirkwood is 'hot headed'

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BBC Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, 59, has revealed that her interactions with BBC Breakfast viewers are unfortunately not always positive and friendly. The meteorologist admitted that viewers sometimes “blame” her for the bad weather in the UK after being warned about unpleasant conditions from her forecasts.

Carol explained she sometimes receives nasty emails from people complaining about the weather ruining events they have planned.

However, Carol insisted she takes it all in her stride despite the unfair backlash.

The star divulged: “Sometimes when people meet you in the street they’re always absolutely lovely and friendly.”

“Sometimes you can get emails that are not lovely and friendly, blaming you for the fact that it rained at the weekend – but you know, if you’ve had an event that’s been ruined, you can understand it, you just take it on the chin.”

Fortunately, Carol revealed that the kind feedback she receives from fans overwhelms any negativity she faces.

The weather expert told Radio Times that she often gets inundated with compliments about the dresses she wears while presenting the weather on BBC Breakfast.

Carol said: “I get asked a lot what the forecast is going to be or where my dresses are from.”

She went on to reveal she tends to have a bit of fun with viewers who ask her about her weather predictions.


The television personality added: “The classic one, I’ve said this quite a lot in interviews but it does happen. ‘My friend is getting married next September, what’s the weather going to be like?’ 

“I always say, ‘Warm and close with a little son later’. 

“It’s just a little fun thing that you say.”

Elsewhere, Carol recently revealed she stumbled into her weather reporting job after her agent managed to secure her an audition for a weather channel in America. 

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The star wasn’t too keen on the idea of forecasting initially, as she admitted she had no idea of meteorology, but it soon became love at first sight.

Chatting to her BBC Breakfast co-star Louise Minchin and Annie Emmerson on their Her Spirit podcast, the latter noted Carol’s passion for all things weather and asked her where it all started.

“So much of my life has happened by accident,” Carol laughed.

“And that’s certainly the case with weather. I had a different career to start with, I was in consultancy!”

She was told the Met Office would offer her training, and she made the move to Atlanta before returning to the UK fully qualified.

“It was love at first sight,” she gushed.

“Just running your finger down a weather front is so satisfying!

“The weather is so interesting.”

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