Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ forced out of the house by wife as he addresses health issue

Chris Evans discusses Raynaud’s disease and running

Chris Evans, 54, recently touched on the fact he might have Raynaud’s Disease, a condition that affects the circulation causing some areas of the body like fingers and toes, to change colour when cold or stressed. Over the weekend, the Virgin Radio presenter revealed his wife of 14-years Natasha Shishmanian, dragged him out for a cold winter run, which sent his hands into freeze mode.

Tash dragged me out for 14 miles again!

Chris Evans

Discussing the common condition on his breakfast show with co-star Vassos Alexander, Chris said: “Tash and I were out for a bit of a run on Saturday… bit of a run, she dragged me out for 14 miles again!” he scoffed.

Vassos chimed in, wondering if she was getting in some practice for the Ultra Challenge she might be planning on doing this year, if it goes ahead.

The Ultra Challenge consists of various events with different mileage, where participants can walk or jog to the finish line, all in the name of charity.

“Ah, the untalked about Ultra that she’s training for,” he said before adding, “Or you are…”

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Chris quickly shut down the assumption: “I’m not! Vassos, on our friendship, I’m not training from an Ultra.

“I hoped to be training for an afternoon on the sofa, but I wasn’t!”

His co-star laughed as he retorted: “Well, you’re not training for an Ultra as far as you know!”

“No,” Chris replied, “But I think she might be training me along with her, poor thing.

“By the way, I’m not the lightest of weight to drag around when you’re as fit as she is!”

As they chatted about the chilly weather, Chris touched on the fact that Tash also suffers with cold hands.

“She has an issue that her left hand goes cold but her right hand doesn’t,” he noted.

“I think we’ve talked about it on the show before…”

Vassos interrupted: “It’s like cars, my Fiat 500 – left side is an absolute block of ice, right hand side, fine!”

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Chris rolled his eyes as he burst out laughing: “That’ll be the wind or something like that, the direction of the cold front, you idiot!”

But the host was right, they had spoken about why limbs get cold so quickly when in freezing temperatures.

He had spoken to Dutch extreme athlete Whim Hof, also known as The Iceman, famed for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures.

“The reason your hands and feet get cold when you’re outside and you’re doing something is because there are so many nerve endings in your hands and feet that require heat to work, that they take up an inordinate amount of heat within your body,” Chris reported to listeners at the time.

“Fascinating! Fascinating!”

But in order to rectify the issue, the ex Top Gear star invested in somethings to help.

“This week was the first time ever running in waterproof socks – they’re amazing!” he exclaimed.

“Unbelievable! They kept my feet a bit warmer, but my hands are better off without gloves and just using these hand warmers now and again.”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am on Virgin Radio.

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