Courteney Cox Reveals Exactly How She Safely Put a Raw Turkey on Her Head for ‘Friends’ Gag

This Thanksgiving, Courteney Cox recreated one of her most iconic Friends moments where here character Monica puts a raw turkey on her head and dances for Chandler (Matthew Perry) to cheer him up.

Many wondered how Courteney actually safely put a whole raw turkey on her head when it’s probably not the most sanitary of moves!

First, it appears as if Courteney covered her entire face with both plastic wrap and some towels to protect her eyes, mouth, and nose from germs and raw meat.

She had some helpers including someone who helped shove the turkey over her head, as well as someone filming offering some advice in the background.

Courteney also added a disclaimer for those who may not want to see this act, tagging, “Vegan Discretion Advised,” at the beginning of the video.

You can see photos of Courteney Cox‘s process in the gallery of this post!

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