Dan Rather Just Threw Some Serious Shade At Donald Trump

Ever since legendary journalist Dan Rather left broadcast news, he’s been free to speak his mind about his real political opinions, and he hasn’t held back — especially on Twitter. Former President Donald Trump has been permanently banned from the social media platform, so he won’t be able to see Rather’s latest verbal jab, but it’s fair to say he probably wouldn’t take it too kindly.

Rather’s 40-year career in journalism started long before he became the anchor of CBS Evening News, where he was one of the most trusted voices in news for 24 years. As a reporter, Rather’s job was to tell the public the facts, not opinions. That all changed after he gave his final broadcast in 2005. Since Trump was elected president in 2016, Rather hasn’t been shy about criticizing the one-time real estate mogul turned leader of the free world in interviews or on Twitter. Not that he was the only one. Trump was also famous for using the platform to attack his critics and political and media foes.  

Dan Rather compares presidential tweets in colorful terms

Donald Trump may no longer be President of the United States, and he may be permanently banned from the platform, but that didn’t stop journalism icon Dan Rather from putting the impeached former POTUS on blast on Twitter.

Quote-tweeting President Joe Biden’s message, “Together, we shall write an American story of hope, not fear. Of unity, not division. Of light, not darkness,” Rather cheekily commented: “I love how someone described many of Biden’s tweets as ‘fortune cookies.’ (I’m sorry, I forgot where I read it). But I’d rather have fortune cookies than Molotov cocktails.”

Clearly, Rather was referencing the previous president’s famous tweets attacking his political enemies, and sometimes even threatening the country’s actual enemies (like when he casually floated nuclear war with North Korea in a tweet). So sure, President Biden’s tweets might not be as exciting as President Trump’s were, but maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless, if Trump wants to respond to Rather’s jab, he’ll have to put out a press release.

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