Dave Grohl Shares Signature Lasagna On ‘Mary McCartney Serves It Up’

A preview shared by Billboard for an upcoming episode of the cooking show “Mary McCartney Serves It Up” shows Dave Grohl sharing his signature lasagna with Mary McCartney.

“This is the best lasagna I’ve ever had!” McCartney, who is Paul McCartney‘s daughter, exclaims to her friend.

“Don’t say that just ’cause I’m your favorite drummer,” Grohl is seen replying. “I want you to really like the lasagna.”

“It’s a very classic recipe. … For me, it’s the perfect lasagna. It’s sort of like a really good Bolognese — a really good veggie Bolognese,” Mary is quoted as saying to Billboard. “It’s sort of like he’s handing down a family heirloom, sort of like a secret recipe that’s been in his family for years.”

Speaking about having Grohl on the show, McCartney said, “He kind of ticks the rock ‘n’ roll guest box,” and added, “He’s funny and he loves cooking! His knife skills are brilliant!”

McCartney said Grohl was excited when asked if he would appear on the show. “He was like, ‘Can I [do] a recipe for you?'” she revealed.
“‘I’m gonna give you my bada– lasagna!'”

“Mary McCartney Serves It Up” premieres Thursday (February 4), on the newly launched Discovery+ streaming service.

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