Dennis Quaid to Appear in Trump’s COVID-19 Ad Campaign, Which Will Reportedly Cost $300 Million

Donald Trump‘s health department is reportedly launching an advertising campaign to to “defeat despair” about the coronavirus and Dennis Quaid is one of the celebrities who will appear in the ads.

The ad campaign is reportedly going to cost $300 million and will involve celebrities interviewing administration officials about the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, according to Politico.

Quaid, who has previously praised Trump‘s handling of the pandemic, has been paired up with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

A spokesperson for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases confirmed that “[a]t the request of HHS, Dr. Fauci did an interview with Dennis Quaid for a PSA campaign.”

Gospel singer CeCe Winans did an interview with Surgeon General Jerome Adams. After the news went wide, she went on Instagram and said, “I was asked a couple of weeks ago to do an interview with the surgeon general, Jerome Adams, about the coronavirus. And this interview stresses how important it is for everyone to wear a mask, and it also gives us other instructions on how to get on the other side of this pandemic. It was not political at all. We have lost so many lives because of COVID-19. Let’s all do everything we can so we won’t lose any more. God bless you.”

It was reported that the Health and Human Services Department has also pursued Dr. Oz and Garth Brooks to appear in the campaign.

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