Donald Trump Attempts To Walk Back That ‘Nasty’ Meghan Markle Comment: ‘She’s Very Nic

Donald Trump insists that he wasn’t being nasty when he called Meghan Markle “nasty”!

The President sat down with Piers Morgan for an interview that aired on Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, where he discussed his three-day visit to London. During his trip, Trump had tea with Queen Elizabeth II, shook hands with Prince Harry and other members of the royal family, and did a press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May.

Naturally, there was a lot to discuss — but Piers, being the dignified gossip hound he his, was mostly concerned with one thing in particular: POTUS’ outrageous comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

Trump has already tried to do damage control for his remarks, previously saying on Twitter that he “never called Meghan Markle ‘nasty’” — despite there being an audio recording of the President saying just that. He tweeted:

“I never called Meghan Markle ‘nasty.’ Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN@nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!”

But now, Donny’s addressing his remarks with a more subtle, confusing approach from the School of Kellyanne Conway: spinning his words to the point of absolute nonsense.

When asked about the comments by Morgan, Trump cried:

“They said some of the things that she said and it’s actually on tape. And I said: ‘Well, I didn’t know she was nasty.’ I wasn’t referring to she’s nasty. I said she was nasty about me. And essentially I didn’t know she was nasty about me.”

When pressed by Morgan about the “nasty” descriptor, Trump said:

“She was nasty to me. And that’s okay for her to be nasty. It’s not good for me to be nasty to her and I wasn’t.”

WTF? It’s like he’s implying that being “nasty” is a backhanded compliment… as long as it’s coming from him and about a woman.

Classic POS POTUS…

Trump went on to commend the former actress for “doing a good job,” adding:

“I hope she enjoys her life. I think she’s very nice.”

Meanwhile, Trump touted Meg’s husband as a “terrific guy,” who, as far as we’re aware, is not nasty in the eyes of the president.


Keep digging yourself deeper into that hole, Donny.

Watch Trump’s full interview (below).

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