Drake Bell Mocks Nickelodeon’s New ‘All That’ Reboot Cast

Drake Bell isn’t exactly thrilled about the new cast of Nickelodeon’s All That revival.

The 32-year-old Drake & Josh actor – who was part of the original All That cast – took to his Instagram Stories on Thursday (May 30) to share his thoughts.

Drake posted a screenshot of Nickelodeon’s tweet, which reads, “Meet the new cast of #AllThat.”

The new cast includes Reece Caddell, Chinguun Sergelen, Gabrielle Green, Nathan Janak, Kate Godfrey, Ryan Alessi, and Lex Lumpkin, ages 12 to 15.

“This is LITERALLY THE WORST THING IVE SEEN IN a loooong time!!!” Drake wrote. “I’m confused is this written or is this their ‘IMPROV’ he rhymes Joking with Joking like four times…”

“You should probably wait until the audience says your funny before saying ‘I’m Funny,’” he continued, adding, “NOT EVEN CLOSE.”

The All That reboot will premiere on June 15. Alumni Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server will make appearances. Kel and Kenan are also executive producers.

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