Duchess Kate’s ‘heart sank’ when the Sussexes confirmed their Jubbly appearance

Two and a half weeks ago, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed (via their spokesperson) that they would visit the UK for the Platinum Jubbly. Not only that, but Harry and Meghan would bring their two children. It was widely reported that the Queen personally extended an invitation to the Sussexes during their visit to Windsor just days before the start of the Invictus Games. It’s also widely believed (by me) that Prince Charles has made quiet moves to ensure the Sussexes’ return, and not only that, Charles seems to want to dial down a lot of the drama around Harry and Meghan. The impression I have is that the Queen and Charles really want to make some kind of peace with the Sussexes and “bring them back into the fold” in some way, perhaps even on Harry and Meghan’s terms.

What has largely gone unsaid (by the Royal Rota) is that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do not share the Queen and Charles’s desires whatsoever when it comes to the Sussexes. William and Kate bullied the Sussexes out of the country and they don’t want to live in a royal system where they’re still being overshadowed by the charismatic Sussexes. Speaking of, this completely random tabloid story is hilarious and it accidentally rings true.

Kate Middleton is reportedly dreading her reunion with Meghan Markle, after it was announced the Sussexes would be attending the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Sources say her “heart sank” when she learned that Prince Harry and Markle would be attending the landmark event.

“Kate can’t believe that she, as a future queen, is having to deal with all this,” a source reportedly said, via Woman’s Day. “Meghan would know Kate is a sensitive person and this would be getting to her.”

Middleton is reportedly dreading the day and fears she won’t be able to hide it. An insider said: “Unlike Meghan, she’s no actress and finds it difficult to mask her true feelings.”

Sources say “Meghan and Harry are spoiling for a fight” and it has everyone nervous, reports the title Suggest.

[From The Daily Star]

This tabloid fluff is supposed to be read as sympathetic to Kate, but it actually reads as hilariously shady. Kate is a 40-year-old woman throwing a tantrum about the fact that she might have to share some space with her glamorous in-law, the same glamorous in-law she copykeens constantly. Kate the Future Queen doesn’t have the emotional facilities to simply fake-nice for a few days. Kate is so “sensitive,” which somehow means that Kate is incapable of masking how horrible she feels that… her in-laws are briefly coming back to visit because the Queen and Prince Charles wanted them back. I’m starting to get excited for this visit, honestly.

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