‘Duck Dynasty’ star Alan Robertson dishes on niece Bella’s upcoming wedding: ‘It’ll be another classic’

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Bella Robertson may be in the midst of planning an extravagant wedding with her fiancé Jacob Mayo, but the 18-year-old’s nuptial ceremony won’t be without the usual Robertson family charm and tradition, so says her uncle, “Duck Dynasty” star Alan Robertson who told Fox News fans can expect a “big outdoor affair.”

“It’ll be another classic Robertson family wedding. It’s in the front yard. You know, we seem to like the yard weddings,” Robertson, 56, said in an interview while discussing the family’s latest docuseries “Dysfunction to Dynasty” on I Am Second. 

“This is three in a row for [brother] Willie’s kids and we’re excited about it,” Robertson said while praising his niece for the woman she’s become since the height of the show’s popularity.

“You know, it’s really pretty amazing because when the show first started, I think our only trepidation about doing a show where you’re kind of thrusting your kids and your teenagers into the limelight, I think that was all of our greatest fears, and for me as my grandkids because my kids are older,” explained the reality star and author. “But it has been amazing to see the kind of people that they’ve developed into post-‘Duck Dynasty.’ And all of them are very grounded and they’re kind of following the family tradition.”

Bella Robertson confirmed the news of her engagement to Jacob Mayo the day after Thanksgiving 2020.
(Photo courtesy of Bella Robertson.)

While the eldest son of patriarch Phil Robertson, 75, acknowledged that many of them “have married pretty young,” Alan maintains “that’s just kind of our way” simply in the fact that “we kind of like to grow up together.” 

“They’ve just brought in amazing people into the family so I can’t speak highly enough of all of my now-growing and getting married and having babies nieces and nephews,” Robertson said, adding, “It’s been quite a joy to see.”

The family recently welcomed in a new addition to their ever-growing family with Robertson’s other niece, Sadie Robertson, 23, giving birth last month to a beautiful baby girl she and husband, Christian Huff named Honey James.

He raved about the job Sadie and Christian are already doing as parents despite being so new to the gig and said the family can’t get enough of spending time with their new bundle.

 “We’ve seen Honey a few times, especially Lisa,” Robertson said through laughter. “She’s such a baby nut, so every opportunity she has to make a lasagna or take something to their house, she’s over there so she can hug all on our little wonder woman.”

Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff welcomed a daughter named Honey James on May 11.

Added Robertson: “We laugh but Sadie and Christian look like superheroes. You know, it’s like Captain America meets Wonder Woman or Bat Girl or something. And so we knew that this was going to be a special little girl and she’s great. Sadie – it was her first delivery so she had some moments where it was a difficult delivery but she got through it and it just seems like [motherhood] fits her perfectly. It’s like anything else Sadie does. She just has that million-watt smile and it seems motherhood just makes her glow all the more. So everybody’s doing well. The baby is doing great too.”

In “Dysfunction to Dynasty,” the curtain is pulled back on much of the family’s history that many didn’t see on “Duck Dynasty” and in the years since the series left cable TV. 

After 11 seasons, “Duck Dynasty” became one of the most-watched unscripted television series in history. The Robertsons had called it quits and now more than 130 episodes of the record-breaking series are now available on Fox Nation.

Robertson said the family felt it was the right time for a check-in of sorts as fans still constantly express their love and affinity for the show to him whenever he travels for speaking engagements.

Lisa Robertson and Al Robertson of Duck Dynasty backstage at the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards at Allen Arena, Lipscomb University on October 7, 2014, in Nashville, Tenn.  (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Dove Awards)

“Obviously the timing of us finding out about [Phil’s daughter] Phyllis last year during COVID-19 was a big new development in the family and so I think part of it was to tell that part of our story,” he explained of Phyllis learning about her biological father. “It’s just kind of a new chapter especially since the show was on”

He continued: “I think the second part of that was Mom and Dad, when they did the original film almost seven years ago, the show was hot and people were obviously very interested in all things Robertson so a lot of people didn’t know the story that Dad had kind of come out of a terrible part of his life and that our family was so upside down.”

Robertson said it was a “shocking revelation” that the family had been through so much but noted that “part of the updating of the story was that ‘Dysfunction to Dynasty’ kind of told the genesis of a [Phil] and [Kay] but they really haven’t told the 50-year story.’

“I just thought it was really touching and special for people to have known us better on the show and also from books,” he said. “I think it was a great way for them to see Mom and Dad’s friendship and relationship as it’s kind of matured throughout this year. So I think those two elements just really became the perfect time to tell our story. And of course Lisa and I, we had never really told our story and so I think that our love of our lives and some of the things that we overcame, I think was the perfect time to put it out there as well.”

Pressed on whether the family could usher in a new-age “Dynasty”-like series centered on the younger Robertsons, Al pondered the proposition and left the door wide open for a potential return to reality TV.

“Anything’s possible,” he said. “‘Duck Dynasty’ was certainly its own entity and I think it’d be a hard show probably to sell right now in our current climate because I think back even ten years ago, it was a little easier to see a family like this come to air,” he explained of the shifting content landscape.

“It would probably be more difficult now in some ways, especially if you have elements of faith and things like that but you’re right, there is definitely an audience for it,” he continued. “When Fox Nation started to stream the show, we’ve been finding out now there’s a whole new audience of people that were too young when the show first aired and they love it for the same reason the generation before them did. So, I think like anything else, if you can get an audience, then somebody will hopefully be willing to take a chance and come up with a cool idea that might get us back on the air in some meaningful way.”

“So it’s a humbling thing for us to realize that we had such an impact on so many people and we still have it,” Robertson added. “It’s just now done at a little different level with a little different focus. But who knows, it may happen again.”

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