Ed Sheeran Lets Loose Dancing to S Club 7 Hits

Talking about how he partied with his friends, the ‘Bad Habits’ hitmaker reveals in a new interview that his idea of a good night is dancing while wearing ‘really crazy wigs.’

AceShowbizEd Sheeran‘s idea of a good night is dancing to S Club 7 hits with his mates while they’re all wearing wigs. The “Bad Habits” hitmaker admits he loves to let loose to the British pop group’s tracks, including “Reach”, “Don’t Stop Movin’ ” and “Have You Ever”.

“My best friend Lauren bought me a box of wigs for my birthday, like really crazy wigs so on certain nights the wigs come out. We put on country music, it is like the best one to play in there, and also an early 2000’s R&B [and] hip-hop playlist, or just straight S Club 7,” the “Perfect” hitmaker tells Dave Berry on “Absolute Breakfast”.

“That is when you know the night is turning good, soon as ‘Reach’ comes on. My friends hate it as well because my friends try and be all cool at the beginning of the night.”

Unfortunately for Ed, his last party, which was to celebrate the release of his new album, titled “=”, was a “solo party” after he tested positive for COVID.

“I’m obviously still in Covid isolation but please let me know what you think when it’s out. It’s the most proud of ever been of a price of work and I can’t wait for you all to hear it [sic]. Gonna be having a solo party tonight and tomorrow to celebrate, blast it loud. Love you all x,” he shared on Instagram on Friday, October 29.

He is currently isolating with his 15-month-old daughter Lyra, who also tested positive for the coronavirus, apart from his wife Cherry Seaborn. However, he’s finding a silver lining in their joint self-isolation. “Sometimes I am away and spend just two days a week with her, so being able to be with her for 10 straight days is great,” he adds.

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