Felicity Kendal turns 75: Icon issues warning on ‘slippery slope’ of political correctness

Felicity Kendal talks about love, life and wobbly knees

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Felicity Kendal turns 75 today as the star marks her milestone birthday and over 50 years in the spotlight. In a recent interview, the actress opened up about working in show business today, admitting political correctness could have set comedy on a “slippery slope”.

Felicity has been a star of stage and screen since she landed her first role back in 1947.

She made a name for herself appearing in series like The Good Life, The Mistress and Rosemary & Thyme.

Now, as she turns 75, the star still looks as youthful as ever as she continues to star in huge projects.

However, in a recent interview, Felicity reflected on how comedy and television has been changing.

Felicity opened up about wanting to shock audiences, recalling dressing up as a dominatrix in a sketch with comedian Ruby Wax.

Speaking about the skit, she said: “That’s what comedy is.”

The actress went on to issue a warning about how “political correctness” may impact performances.

“If we become so politically correct that we can’t have someone taking the p*** out of you or me I think we’re going down a really slippery slope of righteousness,” she added.

“’We have made such advances in understanding and accepting the differences of people.”

“But If we can’t laugh at the differences, how are you going to see half of Shakespeare?

“Because you’re going to be offended by some bloody thing,” she told the Metro.

The star was speaking as she headed back to the stage for a new production of Anything Goes.

The show began at The Barbican back at the end of July and is running until October.

Starring as Evangeline Harcourt, the show sees Felicity reuniting with Robert Lindsay after they first met 44 years ago.

The pair appeared on The One Show earlier this year to reflect on their friendship.

Robert left Felicity blushing in the encounter as he recalled working together on The Good Life.

When the My Family actor was asked what he remembered about their encounter, he said: “Her.”

Robert then continued: “She was… I mean you still are… You were the sexiest woman on British TV.

“She was! She was voted the sexiest.

“It was my first gig when I left drama school. What did I have to say?

“I think I saw through your dress or something.”

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