Former X Factor star Lucy Spraggan reveals she’s fostered 12 kids as she undergoes fertility treatment with wife Gina

Lucy Spraggan, who found fame on The X Factor in 2012, has fostered 12 kids, and is now having fertility treatment to have children of her own. 

The singer, who got to the live finals of the talent show 12 years ago, revealed she and her wife of three years, Gina, has welcomed youngsters ranging from babies to teenagers into her home. 

Speaking to The Mirror, Lucy admitted she was so moved by a news report about children needing homes in Manchester that she instantly paid her local fostering centre a visit. 

"We knew straight away we were going to come cares,” she said. “We’re lucky we have spare rooms at home, so we started getting everything ready and kid-friendly.

“We have one room for babies and another good for any age that’s yellow and green.” 

She went on: “Babies were an eye-opener too. We had two stay with us for three weeks. The sleepless nights are a shock. We took a baby each, both did the nappy changing and the night feeds and got stuck in. 

“We’re having fertility treatment ourselves, so it’s all good practice.” The star – who met her wife in a bar in London – added that she tries to get them involved with her music, by playing to the song ones and taking the older ones to her gigs. 

“The toddlers love it when I play Old McDonald on the guitar, it makes me so happy when they’re dancing along.” 

Lucy recently underwent an epic transformation after admitting she was in a dark place. 

Posting an honest post to her Instagram account, alongside a picture of her incredible weight loss, she wrote: 

"I was looking back at a few pictures of some old times today.  

“In a lot of them I was in a very, very dark place. I wasn’t aware that so many of the things I was doing and the ways I was treating myself were doing me so much harm.  

“Lots has gone on since then; I met and married my beautiful wife, I’ve sought proper help (something that is ongoing now) and my career has become what I always wanted (and I am driven by that every single day). 

“The biggest change has been through my diet and lifestyle and I have been lucky enough to have been guided through this by a friend of more than 13 years.” 

Gushing over her personal trainer pal, she continued: “He is just someone who genuinely wants to help people like me in that pic on the left.” 

Fans were quick to compliment the singer on her new look, with one writing: “You look fab and seem very happy – you weren’t, you did something about it the end!” 

A second added: “You look great! Very inspiring pic, well done.”  

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