Gayle King Makes A Stunning Admission About Meghan Markle

The world is still reeling from the claims made by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in their interview with Oprah Winfrey. And while some people — like Piers Morgan and Charlie Kirk – have come down hard on Meghan, even accusing her of fabricating her story for attention, there are also people who have spoken out in support of what she said. One of those people is Winfrey’s good friend, Gayle King.

King has been talking about Winfrey’s sit-down with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on CBS This Morning. She relayed that she had told Winfrey that the interview was “blowing up,” casting doubt that Winfrey fully grasped the impact and reach that the interview had, according to the Daily Mail. And that’s not all that King had to say. In fact, she seems pretty sure about one thing that could really change the narrative for Meghan.

Gayle King believes Meghan Markle has 'receipts'

Gayle King said she believes that Meghan Markle has receipts — also known as evidence — that support her claims to Oprah, including her allegations of racist discussions about Archie’s skin tone. “I think Meghan has plenty of receipts, meaning she’s been keeping track of things,” King said, according to the Daily Mail.

King isn’t the only person to presume that Meghan has kept a running file of what’s transpired during her time living under the monarchy’s rule. Meghan’s friend of nearly two decades, Janina Gavankar, said something similar. “Though their ‘recollections may vary,’ ours don’t because we lived through it with them,” Gavankar said, quoting Buckingham Palace’s statement, according to Elle. “And there are many emails and texts to support that,” she added. Meghan herself has not shared whether or not she has proof of the things that she told Winfrey, but emails usually stay in a person’s sent folder for, well, ever.

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