Get To Know Secret Society of Second-Born Royals’ Olivia Deeble With 10 Fun Facts!

Olivia Deeble can now be seen all over the world in the premiere of Secret Society of Second-Born Royals!

The 18-year-old actress stars as Princess Roxana in the new Disney+ movie, which hit the streaming service TODAY (September 25).

VIDEO: Watch the SSSBR trailer here!

Roxana is a self-obsessed and social media-savvy princess who can turn invisible.

“She hates being invisible and not seen, so that’s quite a hard thing for her to overcome. But it makes her superpower so much better, because she has baggage that she has to overcome attached to that,” Olivia recently told Screen Rant about her character.

Olivia is best known for her work on the hit Australian soap Home and Away, where Luke Mitchell, Isla Fisher, Samara Weaving, Tammin Sursok, Bob Morley, Ryan Kwanten and Chris Hemsworth have also starred on. She also starred in the Australian comedy Little Lunch.

Learn more about Olivia Deeble with these 10 Fun Facts below:

  • 1. I speak fluent French.
  • 2. I am weirdly flexible and am double-jointed. I frequently dislocate my shoulders, elbows, and sometimes my knees. It’s a sick party trick, but also a curse.
  • 3. I just found out that I have a great love for chili oil. I have eaten it with every mealfor about two weeks now, and I don’t plan on stopping.
  • 4. I’m a big fan of art, and have a really big collection of paintings. My favorite artists include Toshio Saek, Aleksandra Waliszewka, Filthy Ratbag, Geoff Nees, and David Laity.
  • 5. I have started watching an old English reality TV show called Come Dine With Me on YouTube before I sleep every night. It has become part of my nightly routine and I feel empty unless I’ve watched an episode.

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  • 6. I collect vintage tee-shirts with funny slogans and images.
  • 7. I have a deep immense love and appreciation for Japanese jazz. Shintaro Sakamoto is my god.
  • 8. Australia is still in lockdown, so I am missing my friends and family lot; however, I am enjoying being able to spend time with my immediate family as I normally am away or traveling.
  • 9. I’m writing a lot more, which is a great creative outlet. I’m enjoying exploring that.
  • 10. I wish to one day own a hairless cat and I shall call him Albert.

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