Guess Which Totally Random Celeb Will Officiate Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright’s Wedding!

This is so random… but also so wonderful!

Vanderpump Rules stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are doing things BIG for their lavish Kentucky wedding ceremony — but at least one sad family issue has forced them to alter one last-minute thing about their wedding… and we honestly never saw this one coming!

According to E! News, because of the death of Lisa Vanderpump‘s mother back in the United Kingdom, the matriarch and star of Vanderpump Rules must return home across the pond to attend to family matters there. And, because Lisa will be gone for the foreseeable future, Jax and Brittany just lost their wedding officiant!

Oh, no! Say it ain’t so!!!

But according to sources, all is not lost, because an unlikely celebrity replacement has stepped in and offered to officiate as a replacement: Lance Bass!!!

That’s right! The former boy band pop star will reportedly officiate Jax & Brittany’s wedding, allowing for things to go off pretty much without a hitch — just the sad absence of Lisa as she deals with the aftermath of her mother’s sudden and unexpected passing.

A source revealed more about the new arrangement (below):

“Lance Bass was asked to officiate the wedding due to Lisa having to fly back to the UK to deal with her family matters. Lisa has told Jax and Brittany that it’s unlikely she will attend their wedding and arranged for Lance to fulfill the duties … and Lance is really excited and gladly agreed to help everyone out.”


And even though Lance obviously wasn’t the couple’s first choice to officiate, sources nevertheless are still saying that both Jax and Brittany still feel really fortunate and excited, especially considering it was a ‘last-minute’ decision.”

So that’s great! Not ideal with Lisa out, obvi, but Lance is more than capable as a fill-in… and he should be remarkably fun, and sweet, and awesome to have around on the big day! Loving it!!!

The source followed that up with more info on Lisa’s situation, too, noting that it is still possible the reality TV head honcho could return to the United States in time for the wedding itself — but likely that she’ll be in no position to officiate as she’ll “understandably need time to heal after the challenging loss” of her mother.

Sources revealed more about that to E! News (below):

“Lisa is an incredibly strong woman, and she will return to Vanderpump Rules, her businesses and her charity work, but she knows she needs to take a step back for the moment and mourn.”


Here’s hoping everything goes off without a hitch back in Kentucky when Jax and Brittany say “I do,” and everyone in attendance gets to celebrate the love they have for each other!

So great!!!

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