Gwyneth Paltrow Sent a Relatable Message With Her Sweater

While most facets of Gwyneth Paltrow's life are pretty unaccessible for 99% of the population (e.g. mass-producing a candle that smells like one's vagina, having a 9-figure net worth, etc.), her latest outfit communicated a universal vibe if there ever was one.

The goop founder stepped out in L.A. on Friday in white jeans, matching sneakers, a navy face mask, black shades, and a sweater that displayed a swatch of sky and land labeled with the word "Nowhere."

Gwyneth Paltrow Sends a Message in White Pants

On day 320 of quarantine, I, for one, feel like I live in a nameless placeless purgatory that is perhaps of my own invention. Of course, my edition of "nowhere" is a one-bedroom apartment with faulty heating, and Paltrow's … probably isn't. Still, the sentiment remains. 

That said, that's where the commonalities end — even with this outfit. You won't find me wearing white pants anywhere (or "nowhere"). Maybe Paltrow and her deep well of healthy lifestyle wisdom has some sort of cosmic deal with the universe, but for me, the act of wearing white begs ketchup packets to spontaneously open and mud to splatter. 

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