Has the DuoLingo Owl Taken a Human Life?

The DuoLingo owl has a reputation for being somewhat, shall we say, aggressive in following up with delinquent users who miss their day’s lesson. But on TikTok, the lore surrounding the beloved cartoon owl has taken on a whole new dimension. On a platform where brands are typically mocked within an inch of their lives (see: a recent fiasco in which Planters Peanuts attempted to start a jingle contest for its mascot, Mr. Peanut), the DuoLingo owl has gone viral for its playful, tongue-in-cheek, delightfully unhinged videos roasting Google Translate, thirsting for Dua Lipa, and twerking atop a conference table to an Adele remix.

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♬ original sound – Kween Thingz – Kween Thingz