How Love Island’s Amy Hart modelled herself on Katie Price in quest for fame

Love Island 2019 star Amy Hart modelled herself on her idol Katie Price as she started her quest for fame.

The air stewardess, 26, gave herself a £20,000 makeover in a bid to emulate her idol as she spent years searching out the spotlight.

As well as her double D boobs, Amy's hair extensions, long fake nails and gleaming white teeth all help give her the Katie Price look.

She's even managed to bag herself a clean-cut boyfriend in Curtis Pritchard in a reality TV romance that is very similar to Katie's telly love affair with first husband Peter Andre.

Her most dramatic transformation was her boob job, which took her from a 34A to a double D cup.

Amy told the Mirror she was inspired to increase her bust size by former glamour girl Katie, 41, who has famously undergone around eight operations on her chest over the years.

She said: "I'd always wanted my boobs done. I grew up in the era of Katie Price . I hated how I looked in clothes."

The surgery by paid for by her grandparents and in 2014 Amy went on to sell her story – telling all about how her nan and grandad had given her the money for her new boobs.

She got splashed across the national press with her boob job story – but it failed to propel her to stardom.

As well as her boob job, which cost an estimated £7,000, she also splashed out around £13,000 on her teeth by transforming her smile with a full set of vaneers.

Amy told us the procedure, which costs around £650 per tooth, was the best decision she's ever made.

She explained: "I've got 20 veneers, but they need redoing. I had gappy teeth as a child because I had braces.

"My mum had bad teeth her whole life so she let me have them.

"Everything I've done in my life – my job, pageants and applying for this – I would never have done if I hadn't had my teeth done.

"Your smile is the first thing people see about you. The best thing I've had done is my teeth."

Amy also transformer her look by having long blonde hair extensions put in – just like Katie's.

A throwback snap from 2010 shows the telly beauty with a short bob, but she now sports long locks with a little bit of professional help.

Her love story with Curtis also mirrors Katie's affair with Peter Andre, which started when they met on I'm A Celebrity and led to marriage and two kids.

Katie and Peter landed a regular mag deals and even a string of reality shows before they split and divorced in 2009.

* Love Island airs nightly on ITV2

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