If You Want to Die of Cuteness Just Watch This Vid of Stormi Webster Trying to Say Her Name

I know that there has already been some pretty exciting baby news today (see: Prince Louis mastering the royal wave), but it’s still v important that we all turn our attention to this absolutely precious vid of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s daughter Stormi Webster, cause it’s Saturday and we deserve all the cute baby content we can get!

Anyways, baby Stormi has had a pretty busy week so far—last weekend she was hospitalized for an allergic reaction (she’s thankfully okay now!) and earlier this week she decided to wake her mom up at six in the morning, cause that’s just what toddlers do.

It also looks like Stormi was the star of some sort of photo shoot yesterday (weren’t you starring in photo shoots when you were one?), cause Kylie just shared a pretty amazing behind the scenes video. In it, the photographer is trying to keep little Stormi’s attention and says, “Can you say Stormi? Can you say True?” Stormi adorably tries to respond by saying her name and her cousin’s name, but it mostly just comes out as super sweet baby babble.

Please, just see for yourself:

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A for effort baby ?????

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A for effort baby 😫😫😍😍💗

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This shoot could obv just be for Kylie to have more photos of her daughter (and honestly, who wouldn’t want as many pics as they could get of that precious face?), but because the photographer chose to ask Stormi to say True rather than the name of any other of Stormi’s cousins, it has me thinking that maybe True also got her photos taken. That could mean that Kylie and Khloé are working on some sort of project that centers around their daughters, and these photos are part of the promo. Maybe a makeup collab? Or a Good American kids line?

Either way, I need to see these pics STAT!

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