Jameela Jamil Wants ‘Thinfluencer’ to ‘Stop Pushing’ Dangerous Keto Diet

The ‘Good Place’ star also slams in a new Instagram post the before-and-after pics that people shared to promote the diet, writing, ‘Stop with the (often bulls**t) before and afters.’

AceShowbizJameela Jamil is concerned with how celebrities and influencers promote keto diet. On Friday, January 15, “The Good Place” actress took to Instagram to urge them to stop “pushing” the ketogenic diet to people.

“Please stop pushing the keto diet to people who do not need to follow the diet for medical reasons,” she wrote, clarifying that she wasn’t directing her message at “any specific Thinfluencer.” Jameela added, “It can create all kinds of disturbances for people’s bodies, (including their VITAL ORGANS), and they do not have the same access to healthcare that you do.”

The actress also slammed the before-and-after pics that people shared to promote the diet. “Stop with the (often bulls**t) before and afters (especially the ones where in the ‘after’ your trousers are higher/your bra is more supportive/your hair and make up is done/you’re smiling/the lighting is better/you’re using airbrushing….) during the predatory time for women especially around their weight,” she urged.

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“To anyone seeing these f***ing posts about Keto and 2 week weight loss, it’s water weight, not real fat loss, and take it from someone who did every diet under the SUN, the weight comes back thick and fast and then some as soon as you reintroduce carbs,” she added.

Jameela reminded everyone that “MOST HUMANS NEED CARBS.” To those who wanted to lose some weight, the actress said, “If you really want to change your body to whatever, please do it for the right reasons, the right way, SLOWLY, not guided by some newfound Thinfluencer and their ‘fast weight loss’ guru/predator.”

Meanwhile, Jameela noted in the caption, “I am not a doctor. I just know what I’ve been told by doctors. I have also included some of the messages from my followers also expressing concern. Some of them are health professionals some are not.” She also urged her followers to “read every medical journal article” because if not, “you are needlessly risking creating health issues because our world not only obsesses over weight loss, but how fast we can do it.”

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