Jenni Farley Already “Open to Marriage” to Boyfriend Zack Carpinello?!

About two months ago, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Zack Clayton Carpinello went Instagram official with their fledgling relationship.

Now, things are in full bloom, and their public appearances make it clear that they can’t get enough of each other.

A report describes Jenni’s feelings about her boyfriend — and her thoughts on whether he’s marriage material.

Jenni is really happy in her current relationship with boyfriend Zack right now,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.

After week of being Instagram official, she and Zack Clayton Carpinello went red carpet official over the holiday weekend.

And,” the source says. “She is truly enjoying all of the time she is spending with him.”

“It’s still pretty new,” the insider notes.

“And,” the source continues, the whole relationship still “feels like the honeymoon stage.”

It sounds like this romance is doing her a world of good, on an emotional level.

She’s just having fun,” the insider says of her relationship.

The source notes that she’s happy “and really enjoying her time with him.”

Sometimes, we bring ourselves down with worries about the future. Jenni is dodging that bullet.

“And,” the insider notes, Jenni is “not stressed about where it’s going or anything like that.”

“It’s just easy,” the source characterizes the relationship.

“And,” the insider continues. “She’s telling those close to her she’s never felt this way before.”

Maybe she’s found something better than her previous relationships.

(Or maybe she’s just enjoying things too much to see that she’s felt this way before — memory can be a funny thing)

“And,” the source raves, Jenni “is the happiest she’s ever been.”

“Having said that,” the insider clarifies. “She’s not thinking about marriage right now.”

Well, she’s been publicly dating this guy for weeks. That’s fair.

She’s just enjoying being in the relationship,” the source emphasizes.

That said, it doesn’t sound like JWoww has ruled out anything.

“She is open to marriage and more kids though in the future,” the insider notes.

“Everyone around her is just so happy to see her so happy,” the source gushes.

The insider notes that it’s a relief to see her so full of joy “after what was a really rough couple of years.”

It’s always nice to see someone find the happy light at the end of a troubled tunnel.

“You can tell she’s just more relaxed and at ease,” the source explains.

And there’s more positive in Jenni’s life than dating Zack.

“Co-parenting is going a lot easier with Roger,” the insider notes.

That’s great to hear!

“And,” the source adds, even outside of coparenting, “they’re getting along as best as possible.”

The insider concludes, affirming that they’re getting along “for the sake of their children”.

That is very responsible of them!

Obviously, the center of Jenni’s world remains her children. 

She and Roger both had concerns about their son, Greyson Valor, who is on the autistic spectrum.

For a while, they were worried that he might never use verbal communication, which would unfortunately make life difficult for him.

Once he started babbling and answering questions, they were overjoyed, and shared their pride on social media.

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