Jennie Garth Shares A ‘Sign’ From Luke Perry While Filming ‘90210’ Revival

Do you believe in signs?

Jennie Garth does! And she believes she got one from Luke Perry while filming the Beverly Hills: 90210 revival in Vancouver with OG cast members Shannen Doherty, Gabrielle Carteris, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering, and Jason Priestley.

The 47-year-old shared a snap on Instagram when she saw a literal sign called McKay Road, AKA the name of her late costar’s beloved character Dylan McKay:

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Sometimes there are just signs…

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Commenters were fast to thank the actress for sharing the image:

“Oh my God that’s awesome yes it’s a really good sign that he’s there with all of you guys???”

“I actually live by a McKay street and it makes me think of Luke/Dylan McKay frequently.”

“He’s with you all still!”

“A sign from above ??”

“Oh my goodness it’s truly a sign he’s there with all of you ???”

Previously, the mom-of-three caught flack for not sharing a tribute to her late on-screen love interest who passed away on March 4 at the age of 52. She clapped back in an IG comment:

“Hey everyone… I chose to post a pic of my girls today. Because they are my life. Because today is a day to celebrate all women. It took a lot for me to want to celebrate anything. I thought about it and I know that’s the way my dear friend would have wanted it. His kids were his life. And anyone who knew him knows that and knows he didn’t give a f**k about social media. So please don’t assume or judge or make rude comments. That’s really uncool. Sincerely, Jennie”

Unfortunately, there have reportedly been some bumps in the road while filming the new series. Miz Doherty addressed the rumors via IG with a caption on a screenshot of an online headline that read: Writers Quit ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Amid Rumors Lead Actresses Are ‘Running The Show.’

As we reported, the actress wrote a lengthy caption on Instagram:

“Being a part of tv history is an honor but it also comes with some massive backlash. There has been many stories floating around about this show and me. One of the reasons I hesitated to say yes was for this crap. The only thing I’m a control freak over is my health. Trying to stay healthy and positive. I realized this morning, that I have a fear of doing what I love because of headlines like this. Not only because there is zero truth to it but because it lessens me and my journey, battle, experience with cancer. Why should I be scared to work? And why aren’t people held accountable for their fabricated stories?”

The Charmed star continued her thoughts:

“I refuse to be cast in the same villain role because “journalists” lack imagination and I certainly refuse to be cheapened as a survivor and as a woman by them. Yes, i am a strong woman. I have been thru hell and back. I am compassionate and caring. I’m multi faceted and not someone to be pigeon holed. I am a woman with my own story. Please stop trying to tell your wildly inaccurate, exaggerated story of me. I promise… you don’t know me.”

We’re sending all seven of the stars love as they continue to navigate life after Luke.

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