Jessie Cave Recalls Rushing Baby Son to Hospital Due to Covid-19

The ‘Harry Potter’ actress says ‘it could have been completely different story’ if she didn’t take her newborn son to hospital when she suspected something was wrong.

AceShowbiz -Actress Jessie Cave has urged new mums to “trust your instincts” after her newborn was diagnosed with coronavirus.

The “Harry Potter” star, who welcomed her third child, Tenn, in October (20) opened up about her son’s battle with coronavirus days after he returned home. In a chat with British morning show host Lorraine Kelly, she shared that it was “a really scary start” to her son’s life, and called the virus “absolutely the most contagious thing.”

“He was in the neonatal unit after a really sudden, quick labour. He came out within 45 minutes, so he was just a bit like, ‘What’s going on,’ and was taken to the neonatal unit. He’s 11 weeks now, and it’s just been, I couldn’t believe it when we found out!” adding that she was symptom-free.

“I did go and get a test because I wanted to see my mum and family at Christmas, and then obviously we couldn’t. And he was completely fine, there was absolutely nothing wrong,” she continued. “Then over a week, almost two weeks later, just suddenly turned. That’s the thing about newborns you have to be so hyper-aware of every symptom and just to trust your instincts.”

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“Within a day of realising he was just kind of changing a little bit, he wasn’t feeding as much and his cry was different, it was like a different baby. I just went for it and I went into A&E. I think that’s what everyone has to do. They have to be aware of a sudden quick change, ‘cos it could have been a completely different story if I hadn’t gone in.”

She added, “Everyone is so scared right now, understandably… but you really do have to be so quick to go in and don’t be scared of going in… just don’t wait, go!”

Thankfully, baby Tenn is “doing much better now” but she admits like many people, she wasn’t aware that babies could get the virus.

“Everyone has said to me, ‘I didn’t think babies can get it’ but it can affect everyone… The other thing is with this stage of newborn their immune system is so weak, and so anything can have a really bad consequences.”

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