Katie Holmes, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and More Share Their Support for Kamala Harris


After months of anticipation, yesterday, the democratic party's presumptive nominee Joe Biden announced that California Senator Kamala Harris was his pick for vice president. This was a historic moment because if they win it would make Harris the first woman, the first Black person, and the first Southeast Asian person to hold the position.

On social media, celebrities and politicians alike celebrated the decision, publicly showing their support for a Biden/ Harris ticket. Many of them, like Taylor Swift, sat out the endorsements in 2016 but in the time since Donald Trump was elected, have become more vocal about their positions.

In reply to Harris's Twitter post about the nomination, Swift posted a simple "YES."

Other celebrities like Mindy Kaling highlighted what the news meant to them. "Was there ever more of an exciting day? For our entire country of course, but especially for my Black and Indian sisters, many of us who have gone our entire lives thinking that someone who looks like us may never hold high office?" she wrote. "It’s thrilling!! I am filled with hope and excitement."

Kerry Washington posted a similar sentiment adding, "My heart is soaring for all the kids out there who see themselves in her and will dream bigger because of this."

Sarah Paulson took the moment to call attention to the fact that Harris will likely be subject to racist and sexist criticism in the months leading up to the election. "The sexist and racist political attacks on @kamlaharris have already begun," she said. She also shared a link to a petition that attempts to curb these attacks in the media.

Based on the reaction in the hours following the announcement, it's clear that many celebrities plan to be very vocal about the importance of voting and who they plan on voting for.

See more celebrity reactions below.

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