Katie Piper: ‘I’ve been getting problems’ Star speaks out on hospital ‘procedure’

Katie Piper, 35, opened up about some health issues she has been battling, following her acid attack in 2008, in a candid Instagram story video. The philanthropist spoke to her 876,000 followers about her plans for the day on the social media platform. Speaking in a car, Katie explained she was on her way to record a podcast with someone from the health industry who she “really respects”. The star went on to admit she was happy to start the day with something she “enjoys” before checking into hospital for a procedure on her eye.

I’ve actually got to go into hospital today to have a procedure on my bad eye.

Katie Piper

She explained: “As soon as I’ve finished at work this morning I’ve actually got to go into hospital today to have a procedure on my bad eye because I’ve been getting some problems with it.”

Fortunately, Katie focused on the positive side of her day as she added: “So it’s quite nice to start the morning with something I enjoy, something I’m passionate about, which is my podcast series. 

“So you know, the good outweighs the bad.” 

The presenter then shared a selfie from her hospital bed.

She was pictured wearing a hairnet in the snap with a purple arrow drawn on her face pointing towards her affected eye.

The TV personality wrote across the image: “Back @centreforsightuk today for a procedure on my eye.”

She then jokingly added in reference to the arrow: “Can you guess which eye?”

It comes after Katie was hospitalised back in May and went on to say how “scary’ the situation was.

The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant was diagnosed with sepsis, which spread to her blood.

Opening up about the moment, Katie took the opportunity to thank her fans for their well-wishes.

The star shared an image from her hospital ward alongside the caption: “Happy Days…

“I have been officially discharged from treatment for my infection.

“So this should be my final selfie from the ward for a while. I didn’t want to post too many details on here until I knew what was going to be the outcome.”

Katie continued: “Thank you to everyone who has sent me get well soon msgs, cards and gifts.

“I had a kidney infection that spread to my blood leaving me being treated for Sepsis.”(sic)

The author also praised the NHS for helping her to “fight” the infection, as she wrote: “I’m so happy to finally feel better, extremely grateful to all the NHS staff who helped me fight this infection.”

She also uploaded a number of shorter clips detailing her time in hospital, with one explaining: “Obviously it was quite unexpected – I didn’t want to put this much on here, as I didn’t really know what was happening. But now I have made a full recovery.”

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