Lady Gaga's Inspiring Interview With Oprah Winfrey About Trauma and Healing Is a Must-Read

Lady Gaga’s path to healing involves kindness, both toward herself and others. The singer and actress spoke about trauma, perseverance, and her relationship with her fans in a masterful interview by Oprah Winfrey for Elle‘s December issue. “I recognized very early on that my impact was to help liberate people through kindness,” Gaga said. “I mean, I think it’s the most powerful thing in the world, particularly in the space of mental illness.”

Gaga has spoken candidly about mental health and the effects of her post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of being raped at 19. In her 2017 documentary, Five Foot Two, she also offered a glimpse into her fibromyalgia diagnosis and experience with chronic pain. “I once believed that there was no way back from my trauma. I really did. I was in physical, mental, and emotional pain,” she said. Gaga went on to reveal that she used to self-harm as an attempt to “show people that I was in pain instead of telling them and asking for help.” “I say that with a lot of humility and strength; I’m very grateful that I don’t do it anymore, and I wish to not glamorize it,” she added.

Now, Gaga copes with a combination of medication and dialectical behavioral therapy. “Medicine works, but you need medicine with the therapy for it to really work, because there’s a part that you have to do yourself,” she said. “This is how I survive. But you know what, Oprah? I kept going, and that kid out there or even that adult out there who’s been through so much, I want them to know that they can keep going, and they can survive, and they can win their Oscar.”

Though A Star Is Born did, indeed, earn Gaga her first Oscar, she described the experience of portraying Ally as a difficult one. “The character of Ally stayed with me for a long time. I had to relive a lot of my career doing that role,” she said. “I have been traumatized in a variety of ways by my career over the years from many different things, but I survived and I’ve kept going. And when I looked at that Oscar, I saw pain.”

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