Liam Gallagher and daughter Molly won’t look back in anger despite his absence

Liam Gallagher has opened up about recently meeting his 21-year-old daughter for the very first time – and incredibly she says his two-decade absence is not an issue.

The former Oasis frontman only met pretty Molly last year after reaching out.

Liam has always kept his distance from his first born and her mum Lisa Moorish, who he had an affair with after his wedding to actress Patsy Kensit.

He also has Lennon, 19, with Patsy and 17-year-old Gene with All Saints star Nicole Appleton.

Liam is yet to meet his fourth child, six-year-old Gemma – daughter of writer Liza Ghorbani.

They dysfunctional family gave an interview to The Sunday Times Magazine about making things work.

The 46-year-old has spoken about meeting Molly for the first time as she explains what it was like seeing her dad after 19 years apart.

Liam said: "There were tears and all that. Me and Molly met in a pub. Then we got really drunk and that was really good.

“You can’t live in the past, you just have to draw the line and get stuck in with some super love going forward.

“I hope she doesn’t get sick of me, you know what I mean?

"I wouldn’t say I’m a normal dad, I am more of their mate.”

Molly stressed she isn't bitter about how long it has taken to meet her famous father – and Liam says they all get on very well.

She said: “I don’t have any anger. I’m 21 now. I’m actually thankful for how I was brought up with my mum and how my life’s been. It’s all happened the way it was meant to happen.

"We just got on and I’m happy to have him now.”

Liam added: “They’re raising themselves. Everyone’s got their heads screwed on. They’re not snide. These are just good kids.

“It must be pressure having a famous parent, whether it’s me or their mams — they’ve got famous mums as well — but you’ve just got to go with it.”

Molly added: “We all know a lot of famous kids from our parents’ friends.

“But when I met Gene and Lennon, it’s different. They’re both so down to earth compared to a lot of people you meet in that scene.

“We’ve got a lot in common, even though we haven’t been around growing up. It was really natural and normal straight away.”

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