Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama Has Fiery Response to Trolls Body-Shaming Daughter Reginae Carter

Many of the 20-year-old social media star’s followers have also come to her defense after she gets body-shamed for having the darkest skin among her friends and for being fat and short.

AceShowbizToya Wright isn’t here to see you body-shaming her eldest child Reginae Carter. The 20-year-old social media star, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne, was recently body-shamed after she posted on Instagram a picture of her hanging out with two of her friends.

The photo in question featured Reginae posing in an ombre dress which she paired with a small pink handbag as well as matching high heels. “All mine a dime.. you see a nine it was a miscount,” she wrote in the caption of the post. While there didn’t seem to be any problem with the picture, some people took issue with the fact that Reginae looked heavier and darker than her friends.

“She too (sic) dark skin,” someone wrote with several puking emojis, while one another commented, “Umm maybe if you was taller and slimmer but you don’t belong in this picture.” Responding to those people, Toya offered a simple, yet fierce comment. “F**k you,” she wrote underneath the posts.

Not only Toya, but many of Reginae’s followers have also come to her defense. Someone even wrote a lengthy response to answer the negativity, “For all ya hating a** people who have taken the time out from you miserable lives to type negative a** comments about this girls who is living her best life and looking fabulous next to her equally beautiful friends are just miserable and f***ing tired. Go put that energy into making your bank account look like hers!! Good night.”

One individual urged the haters to “find a life,” adding, “How you sit up on someone picture and be negative like take y’all a** on and find somebody to play with and leave the girl alone nae don’t come or bother nobody df sick of y’all for real.” Another hit back, “N****s be chocolate as f**k talking about ‘light skins winning’ like boy is your black a** good?”

Reginae herself apparently didn’t bother to respond to the criticism.

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