Linda Robson, 63, in floods of tears after forgetting to collect grandchildren from school

Linda Robson says she 'forgot about her coil' for 25 years

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Loose Women star Linda Robson was forced to race down the road at top speed to rectify her mistake. Linda confessed her mishap on today’s episode of Loose Women, after the conversation turned to whether grandparents should receive paid leave from work to be with their grandchildren.

I was legging it up the road, crying on my way there

Linda Robson

The 63-year-old currently takes care of her grandchildren for her daughter Lauren three days a week, allowing their mother to return to work part-time.

However, the former Birds Of A Feather star completely forgot the timing of their school schedule.

“In my head I was picking them up at 3:45,” she explained, adding: “But at 3:15 I was indoors.

“I had just got out the bath, I was getting dressed because I was going to a premiere last night and I got a phone call from Lauren going ‘Why aren’t you at the school? You were supposed to be picking them up at 3:15!'”

The mortified actress and presenter recalled: “I went into panic mode and I couldn’t get anyone to give me a lift so I had to run to the school, and I’m not the fittest woman in the world.

“I was legging it up the road, crying on my way there.

“I was thinking ‘Oh my god, they’re gonna be standing in the playground on their own, no one’s there, it’s freezing cold,'” she confessed.

However all was well when she finally arrived – and her bemused grandchildren even asked why she was upset.

“They were sitting in the office, with the secretary, Martine, and the caretaker, and they went ‘Don’t worry, they’re fine.'”

When quizzed on the reason for her tears, she explained to the youngsters: “Because I thought you were there in the playground freezing cold.”

This isn’t the first time Linda’s mishaps have made headlines recently.

During the filming of C4’s Celeb Coach Trip, Linda revealed that she’d wet herself.

The embarrassing moment left her cringing and hoping it wouldn’t be screened on TV.

It all began when she climbed onto a raft at a waterpark.

The presenter was instructed to “let go and free-style down”.

Then she clambered over a wall to reach the other side, which is when the humiliating moment took place.

“I didn’t get a serious injury, but I did wet myself and everything fell out of my swimming costume,” she recalled.

“I lost my dignity.

“Hopefully they won’t show that bit!”

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