Martin Roberts speaks out after being ‘battered and bruised’ following ‘worried’ admission

Martin Roberts prepares for 'huge day' on new secret project

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Martin Roberts, 58, has been involved in a top secret project for some time now, but he left some fans slightly worried about his well-being after he admitted he’d been left “battered and bruised” from what he branded a “challenge”. The Homes Under The Hammer presenter confessed the whole process has been an “emotional rollercoaster”, but in two weeks time he’ll be able to reveal all about what he’s been working on.

Finally home. Slightly battered and bruised but in one piece!

Martin Roberts

In his latest video posted to his social media accounts, the TV star detailed the tough day he’d had.

“Well, I’m finally home after what I can say was one heck of a day,” he began, before breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

“I know it’s really frustrating that I can’t tell you what I’m doing but I thought if I report back…

“Today’s been an emotional rollercoaster clearly; tears, laughter, the whole lot,” he giggled.

Martin went on to add that at the beginning of November he will be able to reveal what it is he’s been working on.

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“Then you’ll understand everything!” he grinned.

“But as I say, it has been a challenge and honestly, all your support and words of encouragement have helped me through it.

“So when you see it, it’s something of a success, OK? I mean that,” he laughed.

Alongside the video, he wrote the caption: “Finally home. Slightly battered and bruised but in one piece!

“Thank you again for all the encouragement.

“It got me through today and you can share in it when I can FINALLY reveal what I’m up to in about 2 weeks.”

Fans rushed to the comments section, with some concerned about his health.

“Hope you’re ok and hoping it not a health issue… stay safe take care stay well,” one penned.

A second added: “Take care of yourself Martin!!!”

Others shared their theories while congratulating him on surviving the ordeal.

“Ahh you seem so relieved! Congrats on getting through it. Is the project all done and dusted now??” someone else giggled.

Another wondered: “But was it as bad as you imagined it would be before you set off?”

It comes after the Homes Under the Hammer star shared his feelings about the project online in some cryptic updates, without revealing any further details.

On Monday, the 58-year-old presenter teasingly told fans that he was “really worried” ahead of a “huge day” on set.

He asked his 13,300 Instagram followers for some “moral support” to get him through the night in a video upload.

Martin could be seen lying down on a bed in a white fluffy dressing gown as he spoke to fans.

“Tomorrow is a huge day in this new project I’m working on – Sorry to tease, ’cause I’m not allowed to tell you – but I’m really worried,” he said to camera, before laughing nervously.

“And not at all ready… so anyway… hopefully I will survive,” he cryptically continued.

Alongside the footage, he reached out to his followers: “Still can’t tell you why but I could do with some moral support, which is tricky I know, as you don’t know what I’m doing.

“So maybe just a generic ‘it’ll be fine’?” he wrote.

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