Matt Baker once faced near ‘disaster’ as interview with Madonna ended with ‘wrestling’

Matt Baker discusses his wife creating a recipe book

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Matt Baker, 43, spoke up about his “disastrous” interview with Madonna.  The star said that he once interviewed the Like A Virgin singer and the two had an awkward interaction due to a technical issue. 

Turned out she was really into wrestling and that she and Guy did a few moves on each other

Matt Baker

The two discussed a wide variety of topics, such as Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie’s interest in wrestling. 

Matt was given 10 minutes to interview the Lucky Star singer. 

He said that he opened the interview by apologising for the delay and explained why he was late. 

He said: “I was sitting there and I told her I was sorry about the delay. 

“I said I was knackered because I’d just come back from America doing a piece about wrestling.” 

Matt added that Madonna revealed that the two had a shared interest in wrestling themselves. 

“Turned out she was really into wrestling and that she and Guy did a few moves on each other,” he said.

“She asked me to show her some moves and I did. 

“Then I told her we had to send out another for camera and it would take about half an hour. 

“She just laughed and said she’d wait and we could talk more.”

Despite the awkward technical blunder, Matt continued, saying that his experience talking to Madonna led him to believe she was a lovely woman. 

He said that she asked him questions about his wife and they “made each other laugh”.

“She talked about her shoes,” he told MailOnline. 

Matt explained that Madonna asked him if he ever bought a pair of “blank-blank” shoes. 

He responded that he hadn’t. 

He said that Madonna told him that every man should buy a pair of “blank-blank” shoes for his wife. 

Matt recently spoke about his wife Nicola’s growing fan base as a result of their show Our Farm In The Dales. 

Aside from her duties on the farm, she has been impressing her followers with baking recipes.

The show was created following Matt’s mum Janice’s accident on their family farm.

Recently, Matt and his family have made some changes to the farm to make it more accessible for his parents.

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