Matthew McConaughey Is Setting Up His Mom With Hugh Grant’s Dad!

Matthew McConaughey is setting up his mother!

The Gentleman actor is planning to set up his mother with his co-star Hugh Grant‘s father, he confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“His father’s 91, my mother’s 88. Yeah, why not? Next week, they’re supposed to meet, and we probably won’t see them for the rest of the night,” Matthew said.

Hugh chimed in, saying that the date will be “red hot.”

The two came up with the idea while they were discussing their mother and father’s plans during Christmas in a Mashable interview.

“Would your 87-year-old mother like a nice 91-year-old Englishman? She still married? Your dad still alive?” Hugh asked.

“No, no, pop moved on in ’92. And then her second man of 19 years just moved on two years ago, so she’s single and vital,” Matthew confirmed.

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