Matthew Perry 2019: Friends star breaks silence on ‘dishevelled’ pics and long fingernails

Matthew Perry looked very different to his Friends alter ego when he was seen out and about in Manhattan on Thursday. In pictures published by the MailOnline, the Chandler Bing favourite appeared tired and “dishevelled”. However, the 49-year-old laughed off the reports, quickly making a joke about his long fingernails in view of his 1.3 million Twitter followers. It was reportedly the first time he had been seen since August 2017, following a string of health concerns recently.

I’m getting a manicure this morning. That’s okay right?

Matthew Perry

Thankfully Matthew saw the funny side, tweeting: “I’m getting a manicure this morning. That’s okay right?

“I mean it says man right in the word.”

Many fans rushed to reply, with one user responding: “Love you, Matt! Don’t you dare stay away from us for so long ever again.”

Others referenced a Friends scene where Chandler got his nails done with Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston).

They wrote: “Dude! you did it before remember?” and: “Actually it’s Miss Chanandler Bong.”

Matthew had been seen in stained, loose-fitting clothes, while revealing a large mark on his cheek.

He wore a long, grey jacket left open, a baggy black T-shirt and matching jogging bottoms.

The sitcom star has been battling health issues and last year spent three months in hospital with a ruptured bowel.

He addressed the condition in September, tweeting: “Three months in a hospital bed. Check.”

In February, he sparked concern among fans by tweeting: “I got kicked out of therapy today.”

But Matthew responded a day later, clarifying: “Easy guys, it was just one session. I’m back in therapy where I belong :).”

Matthew starred in Friends alongside Jennifer, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox, from its beginning in 1994 until its final episode a decade later.

His outing comes just days after Brad Pitt’s former wife gave fans some very exciting news and teased the possibility of seeing everyones favourite six pals back together again.

She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she was asked about reprising her role with her Friends co-stars.

The actress said she “would do it” when talk turned to a reboot, after the sitcom aired its final season back in 2004.

The 50-year-old left viewers in little doubt she was keen to see the gang back together, during the candid chat on the daytime show.

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