'Men in Black' Director Shares Gross Story About Will Smith During Filming

Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld has chosen a rather disgusting anecdote to illustrate the chemistry between co-stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Speaking to Vulture, Sonnenfeld described filming the scene where Will and Tommy are driving through the Midtown Tunnel and their car goes upside down so they’re driving on the ceiling. After securing the actors into the car via a rig, sealing it and then turning it upside down, they suddenly heard Will shouting to get them out.

“We hear Will say, ‘Oh, Jesus! I’m so sorry, Tommy. Guys, get us out of here! Get us out!'” Sonnenfeld said.

“And we panicked and started to turn it around, and you hear Tommy say, ‘No, Will, it’s okay’. And Will was like, ‘No it’s not! Get us out!'”

But it turned out Will had just played a very nasty prank on Tommy. “He’d farted so bad in this enclosed space,” Sonnenfeld continued. “Tommy is a manly man. If you talk to him about intellectual things, he says, ‘I’m just a rancher’. So he played it cool. But man, as soon as we opened it up, Tommy was outta there.”

The director went on to describe how initially, Tommy felt he was playing the straight man too much, but he understood once he saw the final product.

“They loved each other,” Sonnenfeld added. “Tommy didn’t get the comedy at first; he was kind of angry that I only wanted Will to be funny. “I kept explaining to him that you need a straight man, and both are equally funny. But once he saw the movie, he was so pleased by how funny he was.”

Smith and Lee made three Men in Black films together, with the final one being released in 2012. The franchise has since expanded worldwide, with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson leading the team in Men in Black International, which hits theaters this Friday.

Men in Black: International is released in theaters this Friday (June 14).

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