Miley Cyrus Groped, Choked by Fan in Spain with Liam Hemsworth Feet Away

A Miley Cyrus fan got way too up close and personal with the singer as she and Liam Hemsworth were trying to leave their Barcelona hotel.

Miley and her husband were attempting to get to their car Sunday, but a huge crowd was gathered outside to get a glimpse of them — and one fan managed to get his arm around Miley’s neck.

Liam was walking just a couple of steps in front of Miley — trying to clear a hole for her — when the fan reached out, groped her hair and then yanked her closer by her neck, trying to kiss her. 

You can see Miley push away and someone else reach in to shove the fan away.  

It was over in a matter of seconds, but a scary moment nonetheless for the singer, who’s been in Barcelona to perform at the Primavera Sound Festival.

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